Hope After Breast Cancer helps women strengthen their bodies, renew their minds, and heal their hearts after a breast cancer diagnosis.
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Imagine ...

… waking up, happy to be alive, excited for each day, ready and able to take on new challenges with confidence and enthusiasm.

Imagine ...

… being able to embrace the New You with love and gratitude for the “second act” you’ve been given.

Imagine ...

… being able to put all you’ve gone through into a healthy perspective and being able to use it as a launch pad for your next chapter.

Your life is waiting!

A breast cancer diagnosis changes everything. It's not an easy journey.

Coming out on the other side, we often look "ok" .... but we're not ok. Our scars may have healed. But emotional wounds remain. In the depths of our souls, we may be struggling with depression, fear, self-doubt and so much more. We may feel "stuck."

That's why Hope After Breast Cancer was born. We're here to help you heal your unseen wounds. To be able to see breast cancer as a chapter of your book, not the whole book. To reclaim your life and to THRIVE! Welcome. 

What You'll Find Here

Hope After Breast Cancer's goal is to be a tremendous resource to the breast cancer community. You will find a compilation of both original and curated content here, all chosen to help you navigate your life post-breast cancer diagnosis.

Women who have endured breast cancer have many unseen wounds. For women who want to take deliberate action to grow past their breast cancer experience, Hope After Breast Cancer has partnered with incredible experts from across the globe to provide high-impact, targeted challenges and workshops. Join our newsletter list to be among the first to know when new challenges and workshops are launched. 

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The Hope After Breast Cancer Podcast is where women who have endured breast cancer learn to have fulfillment over frustration, clarity over confusion, and faith over fear!

  • Interviews with our incredible Contributing Experts provide educational discussion and potential solutions about the issues we face.
  • Gab sessions with women in our community give us insight into how other women may handle the hurdles of life after a breast cancer diagnosis.
  • And every so often Just Jan (also known as "Mama Bear") lets loose with her thoughts and advice! 

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