OB/GYN Dr. Cheryl Onwuchuruba Answers Your Questions


At Hope After Breast Cancer, we are blessed to currently have 18 Contributing Experts in many disciplines who are committed to sharing their professional knowledge with you so you can THRIVE! You can Meet Our Experts here.

Each week, one of those Contributing Experts is "spotlighted" in an interview inside our Thriver Nation membership community. We usually drop short clips from those interviews inside our other groups, but I want to share a recent FULL interview with all of our women!

One of our new Contributing Experts, Dr. Cheryl Onwuchuruba, an OB/GYN Physician, has recently gone through breast cancer treatment herself! In her recent interview inside Thriver Nation, she answers many GYN questions that were asked through our various support groups. Cheryl also is very frank about what she's learned through her breast cancer experience and how she will go forward as a physician serving women. 

Dr. Cheryl, we are so grateful for you sharing your professional expertise with our women by being one of our Contributing Experts. THANK YOU!

Shared with love by Jan James, Hope After Breast Cancer

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"Before I was diagnosed, I had a gross misunderstanding of what it's like to go through breast cancer"


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