Amy's Sex After Breast Cancer Success Story!


It has been amazing to watch the tremendous growth of our private online Sex After Breast Cancer support group. The knowledge of the experts we've recruited combined with the "in-the-trenches" experience of thousands of our women, we are finding SOLUTIONS to heal our unseen wounds in our intimate life! 

One of our women, Amy King, graciously accepted my request for an interview to discuss the process she went through to reclaim her intimate life after breast cancer treatment. Amy, I am so thankful for your willingness to share this information with our breast cancer community, and I pray that the information allows many more of our women to be encouraged and to heal!

UPDATE: A woman in Ireland reached out to me (Jan) to express her gratitude for Amy sharing her experience. She asked some specific questions about products used, so I connected her with Amy. Here are the details Amy shared with her. We hope they're helpful!

  • The magical cream I used is called DHEA cream. It was a prescription from my gynecologist and mixed at a compound pharmacy. My prescription is .5%. Just a little dab (or click which is .25 gm) is all you need. It's applied topically to the outside opening of the vagina (not inside). At first, I used it every day, but only for like a month. It healed my vagina very quickly. Now I only use one click about every two weeks just to keep that area nice and soft.
  • The DHEA cream is estrogen based. HOWEVER, all studies show that it is NOT dangerous for Hormone Positive BC patients. My Dr. even monitored my estrogen levels at first to show me that it was not absorbed into the blood stream. It is such a tiny amount, but boy, does it make a difference!
  • Like I said in my video, first I took care of the internal vaginal dryness (Revaree, Carlson Vitamin E suppositories), and I also used dilators to help with the atrophy. I found good lube (I like Ah Yes brands). However, even after all this the outside opening of my vagina was still tearing and bleeding. It was excruciating pain!
    My gynecologist (also a women's sexual health expert) explained it like this: The opening of the vagina is literally one of the most sensitive areas in our body. It houses all kinds of nerves. Without any estrogen, it becomes hard and tight. This is unhealthy and can lead to so many problems such as ripping, bleeding, urinary tract infections, painful intercourse, etc.
  • The DHEA cream healed my "papercut" and helped the outside of my vagina be soft and healthy again. And thank goodness! Such a game changer. Like I said, it actually healed fairly quickly, and I don't use the cream that often anymore. I was very grateful to discover this wonderful tool, and I hope you will have sucess as well!

As always, friends, check with your own doctors regarding all information to be sure it's right for you.

Shared with love by Jan James, Hope After Breast Cancer

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