Live It Up, Baby!

by Kelly McGuire

Working out in the front yard just trimming some lavender and a bald-headed beauty walks by… “hey! Why don’t you have any hair!?”, I asked. “I have cancer!” She replies… “hey, me too!” And with smiles on our faces and lots of raw comical conversation, we talk real stuff on the sidewalk not knowing each other at all but knowing each others lives intimately! Instant friends, authentic support for life come out of the woodwork now. Just met a beautiful woman in California this same way about a week ago. This love and connection is one of my most treasured blessings along this journey!

And it’s still odd to say but so true that I wish we could all live like we have cancer. It’s strange but it’s truly such a magical experience. No pretense, no fear of anything really, what’s a little cancer when you’re alive now??? and the love just multiplies with every new encounter with every new sensation, falling infinitely in love with my family and friends ~new and old along the way.

I strongly encourage admiring every bald head you see by-the-way! I used to think I looked like an alien or smeagle… but looking at my beautiful sisters I know precisely how incredibly beautiful we all are. Embracing this life with all we got!

Live it up baby!! It’s so worth it!


Shared with love by Jan James, Hope After Breast Cancer

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