YES, You CAN Reclaim Your Brain!


I'm a member of many online breast cancer support groups. Being able to read what our women post helps me stay in touch with what they need. Last week, the above post really jumped out at me. There were more than 70 replies, and many of them were so heartbreaking.

  • It has been 10 years for me, and if under stressful conditions it comes back full blown.
  • Chemo brain never goes away ~ I finished chemo 06/12/1992.
  • you don’t. It may get better in time but there is no way to just get rid of it.
  • Finished my chemo treatments in 1999. My brain fog got a lot better over time, but it never went away totally. Chemo attacks all cells, not just cancerous cells. 
  • I been struggling with it since 2016! When you find a cure please let me know 
  • 😭 It’s been 10 years for me!! I want to say it’s forever 
  • Mine has never went away an I’m 21 years out it only gets worse for me ☹️
  • 😢 I don't know that you can, I still have it and I'm 5yrs out.
  • Chemo brain lasts forever.
I've been where you are, friends. I talked to every doc I had about how to get rid of the thick, maddening brain fog I was experiencing post-cancer treatment—but no one had answers for me. 
If you know me personally, you know I don't settle. I don't accept that problems don't have solutions. So I went on a quest to figure it out. That's what we do here at Hope After Breast Cancer—we find solutions where there don't seem to be any. We help our women heal and reclaim their lives. We help our women become THRIVERS, not just survivors.
Be encouraged by my personal story. In 2017, I was five years out from IDC treatment/surgery. Feeling the worst I ever had in my life. Worse than I had felt DURING treatment! And one of the worst things I was dealing with was stupid, debilitating brain fog—I was just waiting for my employer to fire me since I couldn't seem to function "normally." 

Something had to give. So I made a choice. I made some simple, but dramatic lifestyle changes. And guess what? Within a few weeks, the brain fog was GONE. 100% GONE. My brain felt as if was 30 years younger again! And it's stayed that way every since.

Crazy, right? Even I couldn't believe it. It felt like a modern-day miracle! And the lifestyle changes I made helped in so many other areas, too: weight, systemic pain, poor sleep, failing joints, no energy, gut issues. After making those simple changes, I was able to get back to living life again!

Since that time, I've done hundreds of hours of research and training to understand how those simple lifestyle changes I made could so significantly change the way my brain was functioning. And I get it now. I understand what happened. And I want to share that information with you.

In our free, five-day "Reclaim Your Brain Challenge," I share the information I "reverse-engineered" after my brain healed. It all makes sense to me. And it will to you, too.

The "Reclaim Your Brain Challenge" includes my story of healing, as well as testimonials from other women who have used the strategies shared in earlier challenges. Our simple and effective approach to improving brain health, curated through top experts in the brain health field, will be shared daily. And quick, daily "homework" assignments will help you to incorporate those strategies into your life right away. The information is shared in bite-sized pieces, with real care taken not to overwhelm those who attend. Our goal is to help you walk away from our five days together believing that you don't need to live with the brain you have and understanding HOW you can reclaim your brain.

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Shared with love by Jan James, Hope After Breast Cancer

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