If you're a woman who is tired of

merely surviving breast cancer —

If you want to heal deeper and faster

in a safe community of like-minded women —



THRIVER NATION is a community that encourages and equips women who have endured breast cancer to start healing their unseen wounds.

THRIVER NATION is a community where you can be YOU, where you can GET REAL, where you are SAFE, where you are UNDERSTOOD.

THRIVER NATION is a community where you’ll learn simple and effective strategies to start living your life again.

THRIVER NATION is a community where you can learn how to experience happiness, peace, and joy again — where you can embrace THRIVING. 

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"Straight from the heart" messages from Jan James


Learn Together

You're NOT alone!  

Being diagnosed with breast cancer instantly changes every aspect of your life. It’s life-altering. It’s life-threatening. It doesn’t matter what your stage, treatment plan or prognosis is — breast cancer is an “Equal Opportunity Destroyer” of lives.

Physically, a team of doctors works together to put your broken physical pieces back together.

But do you still feel like the Walking Wounded?

What about the emotional, social, and spiritual devastation you feel?

Who puts THAT back together?

HOW do you put THAT back together?

We’ve created a safe place for our women to gather, support and learn — TOGETHER!


Women who have endured breast cancer

Women who want to be DELIBERATE about healing their unseen wounds

Women who crave connection and friendship with like-minded women

Women who want to do more than “survive” breast cancer — it’s time to THRIVE again!

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Tap into Expert Coaching inside


We've assembled an amazing group of Experts through whom we can find answers to heal our unseen wounds in THRIVER NATION!

Each week, Thriver Nation schedules a LIVE "Spotlight" interview with one of our Contributing Experts. Hope After Breast Cancer has created an incredible team of professionals who are dedicated to providing solutions to the women we serve. They are from many different disciplines. 

  • women's health
  • naturopathic medicine
  • integrative medicine
  • osteopathic medicine
  • obstetrics
  • gynecology
  • naturopathic medicine
  • lymphatic therapy
  • professional counseling
  • life coaching
  • grief/trauma therapy
  • marriage/family therapy
  • integrative nutrition
  • health coaching
  • hormone therapy
  • homeopathy
  • obesity medicine
  • hypnotherapy
  • exercise physiology
  • sleep education
  • acupuncture
  • thermography
  • sexuality and intimacy therapy
  • somatic sexology
  • functional nutrition 
  • pelvic floor therapy
  • sexuality counseling
  • healthcare cost management 

Also, your host and cheerleader, Jan James, has identified a group of Popular Experts who have video training that will help us grow and heal. Content from those experts has been curated for you to use on-demand. If you choose to learn from that expert, your time commitment is no more than 30 minutes a week. 

The work of respected coaches/educators like Mel Robbins, Dr. Caroline Leaf, Dr. Daniel Amen, and Jennifer Allwood, is waiting for you inside THRIVER NATION!  Jan James has done the heavy lifting to take each popular expert's best "golden nuggets" and put them into bite-sized chunks for our THRIVER NATION members.

Learning just a few new things every week will create forward momentum for you and will help you move toward a THRIVING life!


Too many women who have endured breast cancer are walking around with gaping, unseen wounds. Yes, there is physical damage — some that can be seen and some that can’t — but no one seems to talk about the mental, emotional, and spiritual trauma that occurs. And there doesn’t seem to be direction about how to heal those kinds of wounds.

On top of that, so many women feel lonely and isolated. In today’s fast-paced world, true connections are difficult to make and nurture.

We tackle it ALL — TOGETHER — in COMMUNITY with one another! We find the right experts and solutions, gather the necessary information, support one another, and CHEER ONE ANOTHER ON to move forward with our lives in THRIVER NATION!

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Where do we do THRIVER NATION?

  • Inside our Exclusive Facebook Community
  • Through Virtual Community Events 
    • Weekly THRIVER NATION discussions about what's New & Good in our lives, Girlfriend Gab, or intermittent Pop-Up events are always on the schedule! 
    • Weekly Spotlight Interviews with Hope After Breast Cancer's incredible team of Contributing Experts will give you professional input on how to heal. Meet Our Experts here! And if you can't attend live, replays will always be available inside the group.
    • Weekly Gentle Yoga & Relaxation with Lauri Leadley is a regular feature inside THRIVER NATION. Replays are available for those who can't attend live.
    • Let's get SOCIAL! THRIVER NATION is about family, faith, and FUN! Women crave connection, so we connect often! Girls’ Nights Out, Saturday Night at the Movies, Virtual Game Nights, Virtual Field Trips, Exercise Classes, Craft Classes — you decide! 

So how does it work?

It's as "easy peasy" as 1-2-3. 


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Wondering how THRIVER NATION can help you?

 It’s fun to watch inspiring videos, brainstorm cool ideas, and make elaborate plans. But that’s not what THRIVER NATION is about.



THRIVER NATION is a safe space where you and other women are encouraged to take ACTION to reclaim your lives and THRIVE! 

And then, at the end of every eight-week session, you’ll receive a printable e-book that will provide you with the highlights of what we learned throughout that session, as well as actionable strategies to incorporate into your life!

Because that’s the whole point.

Meet Jan James

I was diagnosed in 2012, and I fell in love with my breast cancer sisters almost instantly. Over the last decade, it has become apparent that many women who have endured breast cancer are living with gaping, unseen wounds. And that's just not right. I've done the work to find experts who have simple and effective strategies to help you heal faster and deeper. All you have to do is say YES to yourself!

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What Others Say About 

Hope After Breast Cancer and Jan James

I met Jan James through the breast cancer support group that Jan started. I’ve known her personally for about 8 1/2 years. She has a heart of gold. She’s not afraid to lay down some truth bombs when they’re needed, but she does so out of love.  (Tammy G)

I have absolutely NO hesitation endorsing Jan for anything to do with helping breast cancer patients/survivors. She is 100% vested in assisting others and I trust her completely. She has a kind and loving heart and always has a supportive word for others. (Deb S)

I'm a newbie at being a breast cancer patient and Jan James is a breath of fresh air! Not only does she KNOW what I'm going through, she offers so much help and inspiration! She’s always got a smile on her face, a kind word to say and is always there to uplift and inspire!!! (Susan M)

Got questions? No problem.

Worried about your time commitment or feeling overwhelmed?

Here’s how we’re keeping this simple.


We know you're busy! Every week, we'll just suggest a few easy-to-implement, effective steps to keep you moving forward!


We've done the heavy lifting FOR you! Everything will be in bite-sized chunks!


The time you spend inside THRIVER NATION will be full of content that will help you reclaim what breast cancer stole from you.

What you’ll gain

An uplifting, positive, fun community

New lifelong friends

New effective life skills

Consistent challenge and support to heal and get stronger

Tools to reclaim your life after breast cancer and become a THRIVER

YES! I'm ready to join THRIVER NATION!

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