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Hope After Breast Cancer believes it’s time to heal our unseen wounds. Our team of Contributing Experts helps us with issues that often occur after a breast cancer diagnosis.


Secrets to a Happy, Healthy Vagina

  • What if you could be comfortable wearing pants and panties again?
  • What if you could have pain-free intimacy again?

  • What if you could feel confident dating?

  • How would it feel to hike and do yoga without thinking about your dang vagina?

Through this online workshop, you’ll learn our top five simple strategies for relieving vaginal dryness and improving your sexual health.

Improve your vaginal health starting TODAY through five simple strategies in our on-demand online workshop!

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Thriving through Menopause Naturally

  • What if you knew exactly what to do when you felt a hot flash coming on?
  • What if you had tools and strategies for managing menopause mood swings?
  • What if you learned new things to manage your menopause symptoms?
  • What if there were some diet changes that would reduce the frequency and intensity of your hot flashes?

With the Thriving through Menopause Naturally online workshop, there is no need for menopausal misery!

You’ll learn how to reduce your hot flashes, manage your mood swings, and cool yourself down, all without taking hormones or medication starting TODAY!

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Reclaim Your Brain

BRAIN FOG Workshop

Does your brain feel OUT OF ORDER?

Are you in a mental maze you can’t escape?

Do you lose your words? Can’t focus?

Can’t concentrate? Confused? Frustrated?


BRAIN FOG IS REAL, but you can learn simple, effective, and proven strategies to improve mental clarity and brain health in just a few weeks.

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