Thriving through Menopause Naturally

All-natural, hormone-free hacks for getting through “The Change” without going up in flames


What if you knew exactly what to do when you felt a hot flash coming on?

What if you had tools and strategies for managing menopause mood swings?

What if you learned new things to manage your menopause symptoms?

What if there were some diet changes that would reduce the frequency and intensity of your hot flashes?


With the Thriving through Menopause Naturally workshop,  there is no need for menopausal misery!

You’ll learn how to reduce your hot flashes, manage your mood swings, and cool yourself down, all without taking hormones or medication starting TODAY!

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Thriving through Menopause Naturally

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Has this happened to you?

  • Does your internal thermostat feel broken?

  • Would you show up to work naked if you could?

  • Do you feel like you need to change clothes multiples a day because you’re sweating so much?

  • Do you sleep with the fan on while your partner is under an electric blanket?

  • Do you feel like you’re always about to explode?

  • Are you frustrated because it feels like you no longer have control over your body?


What if there was a way to manage your menopause symptoms naturally without hormones or other medications?

What if you knew a few simple diet tweaks that could reduce the frequency and intensity of your hot flashes? What if you learned ways to manage menopause mood swings?

Well, we have answers for you! Thriving through Menopause Naturally will give you easy tools to regain some control of your body’s thermostat. 

You’ll be able to reduce your hot flashes, manage your mood swings, and cool yourself down, all without taking hormones or medication, starting TODAY!

Don’t let this opportunity pass you by!

Thriving through Menopause Naturally

All-natural, hormone-free hacks for getting through “The Change” without going up in flames

Lifetime Access is Only $97


Have you ever felt like this?

  • You’re embarrassed when your hot flashes cause visual perspiration on your face and clothes.
  • You’re sick of carrying around extra clothes to manage your broken thermostat on a dime
  • You’re worried that you’ll lose your job because you want to blow up at your boss every time they look at you sideways
  • Your kids are on your last good nerve, and you’re angry with them all the time
  • You can’t seem to relax, no matter what you do
  • Your partner is sick of your moodiness

Imagine ...

  • Imagine being able to trust your body not to embarrass you again.
  • Imagine if you had simple strategies for cooling your temperature before you blow your top.
  • Imagine how you’d feel if you could relax enough to get a good night’s sleep.
  • Imagine knowing what to do to minimize a hot flash when you feel it coming on.

The Thriving through Menopause Naturally workshop can help you in all these ways!

$97 for INSTANT and LIFETIME Access

This is too good a deal to pass up! It will only take you about 90 minutes to get through all of the info, and it could change everything for you!


Breast Cancer Advocate

Jan James

Hello! I’m Jan James, and I’m the founder of Hope After Breast Cancer. I was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2012, and since that time I’ve been helping women with breast cancer navigate their journeys through my online breast cancer support groups and non-profit organization.

Over the years, it’s become obvious that women with breast cancer have both unseen physical and emotional wounds that are not being directly addressed by the professionals who treat them. So in 2020, I founded Hope After Breast Cancer to bring together a group of experts who can provide answers to the unanswered questions we have. I believe it’s not enough to SURVIVE breast cancer—I believe we are meant to reclaim our lives and THRIVE after breast cancer!

I’ve worked with thousands of women who have endured breast cancer. Most go through either chronological menopause or medically induced menopause in addition to going through breast cancer treatment. The changes in their bodies are difficult to handle, and there is no consistent information sharing about how they can manage menopause symptoms. We’ve asked our Hope After Breast Cancer contributor, Licensed Acupuncturist and complementary medicine expert, Lisa Nicholson, to share the menopause “hacks” she has been teaching her patients over the last 20 years. Let’s meet Lisa!


Lisa Nicholson, L.Ac.

Lisa Nicholson is a Licensed Acupuncturist and complementary medicine expert with over 20 years of clinical practice helping women just like you. As a breast cancer survivor herself, Lisa personally understands the issues that women with breast cancer have when faced with menopause. In this workshop, Lisa shares her easy menopause “hacks” that will help you get through menopause symptoms without hormones or medication.

Lisa is married and lives in the San Diego, California, area. She is foodie who loves to experiment with unusual ingredients. Lisa is also an endurance athlete who rides crazy amounts of miles on a bicycle and has completed events including Race Across the West (team race of 900 miles over three days) and Paris-Brest-Paris (1200 km over 90 hours).

As a breast cancer survivor, Lisa is intimately aware of the menopausal issues facing breast cancer patients. This workshop is the results of Lisa’s research, personal journey and the results her patients realized as they went through her process.

It's Time to Start Healing Your Unseen Wounds

That's enough of that "doing the same thing over and over—and expecting different results." That's enough suffering. That's enough thinking, "Is this as good as I'll ever be again?" It's time to TAKE CONTROL of your life and THRIVE!


What you'll get

To accommodate different learning styles and personal needs, Thriving through Menopause Naturally is provided to you in three formats: workbook, video and audio.

This online workshop is segmented into seven sections.

Introduction - Meet your trainer and find out what you’ll learn.

Menopause Hack #1 - Master our secret hydration strategy which ensures you have coolant in your body to keep you from overheating

Menopause Hack #2 - Discover the single MOST IMPORTANT THING you can do to reduce ALL your symptoms — the TOP cause of cramps, mood swings, hot flashes, and more

Menopause Hack #3 - Massively calm your nervous system with ONE pre-sleep habit so you can rest enough for your body’s natural rejuvenation to work correctly

Menopause Hack #4 - Learn a quick, easy and EFFECTIVE way to cool yourself down when the heat is on

Bonus Hacks - Enjoy a few extra suggestions to help you manage your symptoms!

Summary and References - You’ll receive a printable PDF summary of all our strategies, as well as a References PDF that includes a list of links to topics and products discussed in the workshop.


Any woman who is experiencing menopausal symptoms can benefit from the strategies we share in this workshop. Do any of these women's stories sound familiar? If so, this course is for you!

Newly Diagnosed Diane

You’ve just recently been diagnosed, and your world has been turned upside-down. You’re being told that breast cancer treatment will put you into menopause. You don’t know what to expect, and you don’t know how to handle it. Use the strategies shared in this workshop build your game plan to get through menopause without meds or hormones.

Hot Flash Heidi

You’re going through menopause right now, and you’re MISERABLE. You feel like you need multiple changes of clothes a day. You’re sleeping with the AC and fans on, while your partner is under an electric blanket. There’s so much information out there about how to manage it, but what advice will actually make a difference? Learn some simple strategies to minimize and manage your menopause symptoms TODAY.

Menopause Melissa

You’ve never been diagnosed with breast cancer—and we hope you NEVER are! But this workshop caught your eye. You’re in the thick of menopause, and you’ll do ANYTHING to get some relief! Although we’ve built this workshop for our beautiful breast cancer community, EVERY WOMAN can benefit from the strategies shared. Go for it!

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Imagine ...

  • Imagine where you can be a month from now.
  • You feel confident that you know what to do when you feel a hot flash coming on.
  • You know foods that will help cool you down, and you know foods to avoid because they’ll add fuel to the fire.
  • You’ll be armed with information on how to get a better night’s sleep.
  • You know how to calm down before you explode.

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Thriving through Menopause Naturally

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