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Sex After Breast Cancer is a private Facebook support group for women who experience physical and emotional pain in their intimate lives after undergoing treatment for breast cancer. Learn how to reclaim intimacy in your life through our Contributing Experts' guidance. 

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In addition to listening to  episodes about sex after breast cancer on our Hope After Breast Cancer Podcast, hundreds of articles and videos about sex after breast cancer solutions have been posted to our blog.

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Healthcare Provider Worksheet

Women’s Health Professionals are in practice to help women manage their reproductive, pelvic, and sexual health. Yet, most women will feel intimidated when bringing up concerns related their sexual body or worries about the shared sexual experience. Women speak to feeling embarrassed about the problem, so they minimize the issue when in the office. They are often worried about how the provider will respond.

Our amazing Contributing Expert and Sexuality Counselor, Traci Owen, has developed a Healthcare Provider Worksheet that will help you prepare for each appointment and make the time with your provider as productive as possible.

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