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Sex After Breast Cancer is a private Facebook support group for women who experience physical and emotional pain in their intimate lives after undergoing treatment for breast cancer. Learn how to reclaim intimacy in your life through our Contributing Experts' guidance. 

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Dozens of professionals have joined our Contributing Expert team to serve you! From nutrition to sexuality counseling, from gynecology to acupuncture—we've got you covered!

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In addition to listening to  episodes about sex after breast cancer on our Hope After Breast Cancer Podcast, hundreds of articles and videos about sex after breast cancer solutions have been posted to our blog.

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Your Sex After Breast Cancer Toolbox

If you're a woman who is struggling in the bedroom after a breast cancer diagnosis, you've come to the right place! 

Several years ago, after being told over and over again by my medical providers that there weren't any ways to heal my broken sex life, I was beyond frustrated. I started searching, and I FOUND ANSWERS.

Now, through our incredible team of Contributing Experts, women are learning ways to increase their sexual health through our podcasts, website, and private support group.  And the success stories are pouring in!

I want you start healing NOW!

Download Your Sex After Breast Cancer Toolbox to learn ways to reclaim your sex life after breast cancer. 

Your Sex After Breast Cancer Toolbox