Secrets to a Happy, Healthy Vagina

A simple, proven, natural, hormone-free system for vaginal health and wellness


Many women with breast cancer find that going through treatment wrecks their intimate lives.

Vaginal dryness and pain are common side effects of treatment. It's hard to be "in the mood" when everything hurts, and relationships suffer.

Our special, all-natural process has helped hundreds of women enjoy intimacy again, without pain.

Learn answers to the questions so many women thought couldn’t be answered!

The Secrets to a Healthy, Happy Vagina online workshop provides INSTANT ACCESS to five simple strategies not found anywhere else!

Applause from Other Workshop Participants

"I have hope again for regaining my intimate life with my husband!" 

Thank you so much for putting together this workshop. I learned so much helpful and useful information. I had no idea treatment for breast cancer would cause me to be in menopause at the age of 40, and all of the physical side effects that come with it. I have hope again for regaining my intimate life with my husband! The section on what products to use and what ingredients are good for health and what to avoid was most valuable. There are so many different products out there for moisturizer or lube it’s confusing to choose one. I now feel I know what to look for and feel confident I can find products that are good for my health! —Rachel S

"I like using a product that is natural rather than taking medication"

I really enjoyed the Healthy, Happy Vagina workshop. In fact, parts of it I watched twice! I also thought it was reasonably priced for what I received. I always knew drinking water was important, but hearing about its importance after breast surgery, I’ve made more of a conscious effort to drink a lot more! I learned that pH matters in having a healthy vagina, so I ordered VMagic and found it very helpful. I like using a product that is natural rather than taking medication. —Jean R

"Many of the questions were about subjects I hadn't thought of"

I enjoyed learning about products that can address some of my chronic problems. I also enjoyed the question-and-answer times, because many of the questions were about subjects I hadn’t thought of.  Also, to learn that dehydration may be a factor—drink more water! I haven't been able to put much of it into practice since I don't have a partner right now, but I am hydrating more and using some of her other suggestions to help with dry vagina. —Michelle L

Secrets to a Happy, Healthy Vagina

Online Workshop


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Many women who have endured breast cancer wonder ...

  • Do other women grit their teeth during intercourse because of discomfort and pain?

  • Do other women who have had breast cancer feel this way?

  • Why is it SO DIFFICULT to find answers to questions about vaginal wellness?


Our five easy, hormone-free, natural strategies to improve vaginal health and wellness can be used starting TODAY!

At Hope After Breast Cancer, we’re sick of being told there aren’t answers to the questions we Pink Sisters have! So we’ve gone out to FIND the answers our women have been looking for. In our online workshop, Secrets to A Happy, Healthy Vagina, our instructor will share five simple and proven steps to make your vagina HAPPY and HEALTHY starting TODAY!

Don’t let this opportunity pass by!

Secrets to a Happy, Healthy Vagina

A simple, proven, natural, hormone-free system for vaginal health and wellness

Lifetime Access is Only $97


What if?

What if wearing pants and panties could be comfortable again?

What if intimacy could be pain-free again?

What if dating was not intimidating again?

How would it feel to hike and do yoga without being distracted by discomfort and pain?

Through this online workshop, our expert will share our top five simple strategies for relieving vaginal dryness and improving your sexual health.


This is too good a deal to pass up! It will only take about 90 minutes to get through all of the info, and it could change everything!


Breast Cancer Advocate

Jan James

Hello! I’m Jan James, and I’m the founder of Hope After Breast Cancer. I was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2012, and since that time I’ve been helping women with breast cancer navigate their journeys through my online breast cancer support groups and non-profit organization.

Over the years, it’s become obvious that women with breast cancer have both unseen physical and emotional wounds that are not being directly addressed by the professionals who treat them. So in 2020, I founded Hope After Breast Cancer to bring together a group of experts who can provide answers to the unanswered questions we have. I believe it’s not enough to SURVIVE breast cancer—I believe we are meant to reclaim our lives and THRIVE after breast cancer!

Thousands of women are in my private Sex After Breast Cancer Facebook group. Common complaints since being diagnosed with breast cancer are pain during intercourse and vaginal dryness. Our oncologists seem to have no answers for us. Even some gynecologists don’t provide practical and effective strategies to reclaim vaginal health. What the heck? That just doesn’t work for me. So we found an expert who developed a natural, hormone-free system to help her patients increase their vaginal health and wellness, and she agreed to help us. Let me introduce you to her!


Any woman whose vagina isn’t working the way it used to can benefit from the strategies we share in this workshop. But maybe you’ll see yourself in one of these profiles?


Lisa Nicholson, L.Ac.

Lisa Nicholson is a Licensed Acupuncturist and complementary medicine expert with over 20 years of clinical practice helping women just like you. As a breast cancer survivor herself, Lisa personally understands the issues that women with breast cancer have regarding their personal vaginal health and how that may impact their intimate lives. In this workshop, Lisa shares her easy, hormone-free strategies to improve vaginal health that have helped both her and patients for over 20 years.

Lisa is married and lives in the San Diego, California, area. She is a foodie who loves to experiment with unusual ingredients. Lisa is also an endurance athlete who rides crazy amounts of miles on a bicycle and has completed events including Race Across the West (team race of 900 miles over three days) and Paris-Brest-Paris (1200 km over 90 hours).

As a breast cancer survivor who has used hormone-blocking medication, Lisa is intimately aware of the vaginal issues facing breast cancer patients. When she had a 30-year-old patient lament that she needed to solve this problem or her partner would never have sex again, Lisa knew she was not alone and began to work on solutions. This workshop is the results of the research, personal journey and the results her patients realized as they went through her process.

It's Time to Start Healing Those Unseen Wounds

That's enough of that "doing the same thing over and over—and expecting different results." That's enough suffering. That's enough thinking, "Is this as good as I'll ever be again?" It's time to TAKE CONTROL and THRIVE!


What you'll get

To accommodate different learning styles and personal needs, the Secrets to a Healthy, Happy Vagina online workshop is provided in three formats: workbook, video and audio.

The workshop is segmented into seven short sections. The entire workshop can be completed in about 90 minutes. 

Introduction - Meet your instructor and find out what you’ll learn.

Strategy #1 - Master our secret hydration strategy which ensures you have enough fluid in your body to allow normal lubrication of all your muscles and skin — especially your vagina

Strategy #2 - Discover the single MOST IMPORTANT THING you can do to stop irritating your vaginal tissue—and it’s NOT what you think!

Strategy #3 - Learn how to choose products which will support, rather than injure, sensitive intimate skin

Strategy #4 - Massively calm your nervous system with ONE pre-sleep habit so you can rest enough for your body’s natural rejuvenation to work correctly

Strategy #5 - Improve your pleasure with simple exercises you can start TODAY to tone your intimate muscles

Summary and References - You’ll receive a printable PDF summary of all our strategies, as well as a References PDF that includes a list of links to topics and products discussed in the workshop.


Any woman whose vagina isn’t working the way it used to can benefit from the strategies we share in this workshop. Do any of these women's stories sound familiar?

Newly Diagnosed Donna

Donna has just recently been diagnosed, and her world has been turned upside-down. Now she's realizing that her sex life may be impacted by her breast cancer treatment? Why didn’t they tell her that? Use the strategies shared in this workshop to get ahead of the issues so many women face because of breast cancer.

Survivor Sally

It’s been a few years (or maybe many years) since Sally was originally diagnosed, but her sex life is on life support. Every time she attempts intercourse, she can’t bear the pain and the dryness, no matter what lube she uses. And her doctors just brush her off when she asks for solutions. Learn some simple strategies that will improve your vaginal health without medication or hormones.

Metavivor Megan

Every day Megan works hard to live life to its fullest. She thought there were no answers to the issues she has had about her vagina since her diagnosis. Nobody talks about it, so there must not be answers, right? WRONG. Our expert has GOT the answers you’ve been looking for!

Vanessa Has a Vagina, Too!

Vanessa is a woman who’s never been diagnosed with breast cancer—and we hope she NEVER is! But this workshop caught her eye. She's been having some issues with her intimate life, and her vagina isn’t working the way it used to. She's not sure why, and she doesn't know how to fix it. Although we’ve built this workshop for our beautiful breast cancer community, EVERY WOMAN can benefit from the strategies shared. Go for it!

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Secrets to a Happy, Healthy Vagina