Does your brain feel OUT OF ORDER?

Are you in a mental maze you can’t escape?

Do you lose your words? Can’t concentrate? Confused? Frustrated?


Learn simple, effective and proven strategies to


On-Demand, Online Workshop

 Learn about it from breast cancer advocate, Jan James 


You wake up every day with a cloud over your head. 

Your brain feels like it's full of cotton.

You can't get the words in your head to come out of your mouth.

You wonder if your brain is permanently broken.


But is it?


The answer is NO.

There ARE answers.

And you're about to learn them.


The RECLAIM YOUR BRAIN Workshop has been developed to give you important information about brain health as well as strategies you can use immediately to improve your mental clarity. 


An on-demand BRAIN FOG workshop

Don’t miss out!


Many women who have endured breast cancer wonder ...

  • Are my brain fog issues a sign that something else is wrong with me?

  • Do other women who have had breast cancer feel this way?

  • Is this as good as my brain will be for the rest of my life?

At Hope After Breast Cancer, we’re sick of being told there aren’t answers to the questions we Pink Sisters have! So we’ve gone out to FIND the answers our women have been looking for. In our on-demand, online RECLAIM YOUR BRAIN Workshop, we'll share simple, effective, and proven strategies to improve your mental clarity starting TODAY!

Don’t let this opportunity pass by!

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What if?

You wouldn't have to count on others to remind you about important things anymore.

You can easily find locations when you're going some place new.

Numbers make sense again.

The words you're thinking of saying come right out of your mouth.

You can concentrate and enjoy reading once more.

Through this online workshop, we'll share our simple strategies to help you improve your mental clarity and increase your brain health.

What You'll Get

  • Lifetime access to almost four hours of workshop content 
  • All content is arranged in 6 easy-to-follow modules
    • Introduction
    • Brain Health—What's THAT?
    • Brain Health Risk Factors
    • Your Gut-Brain Connection
    • Nutrition for Brain Health
    • You vs. You
  • 5 Bonus Segments
    • Autophagy: Your Body's Built-In Recycling Center
    • The Wonder of Neuroplasticity
    • Physiological Depression with Life Coach Cinthia Hiett
    • Have FUN Exercising Your Brain
    • Annette's Powerful Story—How She Reclaimed Her Brain through Changing Her Nutrition
  • All 27 workshop segments are provided in both audio and video formats for ease of use and are 21 minutes or less so you can fit them into your busy life
  • While watching the workshop, you'll personalize your own Reclaim Your Brain ACTION PLAN  (PDF) with easy-to-implement small steps to increase your brain health
  • Private Facebook Community
    • Our private Facebook group will provide a place to discuss what you're learning through the workshop, as well as a place to ask questions. You can also find other pink sisters there to provide accountability and encouragement. 
    • Live Group Discussions and Guest Interviews will also be hosted inside our private Facebook group (replays available)
    • Additional bonus content will be posted in the Facebook group regularly
  •  Text Community
    • Receive Brain Health Pro Tips, get exclusive content/offers, be notified about live community events and special guests, and text Jan directly.   

Breast Cancer Advocate

Jan James

Hello! I’m Jan James, and I’m the founder of Hope After Breast Cancer.  In 2017, I was five years out from active breast cancer treatment, but my brain fog was worse than ever. Through my utter desperation, I made some specific life changes. Not only did my brain "come back"—it came back BETTER THAN EVER. Now I want to share my story and other brain health strategies to help the breast cancer community through the Reclaim Your Brain Workshop.


Any woman whose vagina isn’t working the way it used to can benefit from the strategies we share in this workshop. But maybe you’ll see yourself in one of these profiles?

Read What Women Are Saying About

the Reclaim Your Brain Workshop

It's Time to Start Healing Those Unseen Wounds

That's enough of that "doing the same thing over and over—and expecting different results." That's enough suffering. That's enough thinking, "Is this as good as I'll ever be again?" It's time to TAKE CONTROL and THRIVE!



Any woman whose brain isn’t working the way it used to can benefit from the strategies we share in this workshop. Do any of these women's stories sound familiar?

Newly Diagnosed Donna

Donna has just recently been diagnosed, and her world has been turned upside-down. She's overwhelmed with the appointments on her calendar, learning the "language" of breast cancer, and being asked so many questions she doesn't have answers for. Use the strategies shared in this workshop to get ahead of the issues so many women face because of breast cancer.

Survivor Sally

It’s been a few years (or maybe many years) since Sally was originally diagnosed, but her brain never came back. She has a hard time remembering things, and it's frustrating when she can't get the right words to come out of her mouth. And she's just living with it because she didn't even dream there were ways to improve it. Learn some simple strategies that will improve your brain health and your mental clarity quickly.

Metavivor Megan

Every day Megan works hard to live life to its fullest. She thought there were no answers to the issues she has had with brain fog since her diagnosis. Even her doctors say, "Sorry—that's just the way it is." Nobody talks about solutions for brain fog, so there must not be any, right? WRONG. We've GOT the answers you’ve been looking for!

So how does it work?

Two words. Easy peasy. 


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Imagine ...

Imagine if everything is changed a few months from now.

Your brain is working noticeably better, and the cloud has lifted.

Your ability to focus at work and at home has dramatically improved.

You can easily recall details that are important to you.

You feel confident you'll be able to engage in a vibrant conversation with others again.

You know that the simple strategies you're practicing are improving your brain health day by day.

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The RECLAIM YOUR BRAIN Workshop has gotten rave reviews from the women who have gone through it!

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