Vaginasā€”Straight Talk with Jan James

Have you had changes to your intimate life since your breast cancer diagnosis? Are you discouraged that you're going to have to just "live" with those changes? 

NOT SO FAST! There ARE answers! We've assembled professional experts who are sharing their expertise and passion with our community to educate us about solutions that will help us heal what's broken!

In this candid and personal discussion about vaginal health, I share the following golden nuggets.

  • NEWS FLASH #1: There ARE answers to reclaiming your sex life after a breast cancer diagnosis. You just need help in knowing how to go get them.
  • NEWSFLASH #2: BODY BEFORE BRAIN. You’ve GOT to fix your body before your brain can get back in the game.
  • NEWSFLASH #3: THIS ISN’T ABOUT LUBE. You may be experiencing issues that lubes can’t fix. Get to the bottom of it with a diagnosis instead of trying to fix it with a bandaid.
  • NEWSFLASH #4: There are typically no quick solutions for our vaginal issues.
  • NEWSFLASH #5 – There is a growing body of work that indicates that vaginal estrogen is not harmful to women who have had breast cancer. It’s always a personal choice.

Your two-step Action Plan is to—

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Shared with love by Jan James, Hope After Breast Cancer

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