What Does YOUR Season 2 Premiere Look Like?

We humans are interesting creatures.

We know what we should do, but we don’t do it.

We love comfort and seem to do everything we can to stay in our comfort zones.


If you know me at all, you know I’m all about having a growth mindset.

NOT staying stuck.

NOT merely “surviving.”

I fight to do that every single day.


Over ten years ago, I was given a breast cancer diagnosis.

It sucked.

But as it is with everything in my life, I had to make a decision if cancer was something that was being done TO me or FOR me.

That was an easy answer.


These days I help women find their joy again through reclaiming their brains, their minds, and their lives after a cancer diagnosis. They learn to THRIVE in our THRIVER NATION program.


One of the people that helped me most through my breast cancer journey is someone I never met. Her name is Mel Robbins, and through her online resources, she gave me the tools to get out of my comfort zone and gave me the confidence to reclaim my life. This morning I got this email from her.


Hey Jan,

I have something I really want to share with you.

I was on the phone with our daughter Kendall and she told me, “Mom, I'm not coming home for summer this year.

I've just called my internship in New York and told them that I'm sorry, but I can't take the opportunity. I've realized I need to spend this summer doing the thing I fear, which for me is writing music, and putting it out into the world.”

I was stunned to hear her say those words, and thrilled. I said, "I think that's amazing. And what made you decide to do this?"

Listen closely, because what she said helped me make a decision I've been struggling with for over a year. More on that soon.

Kendall told me that she went to see her voice instructor (picture Robin Williams in Good Will Hunting, because the guy looks and sounds just like him).

And when he heard that she was taking a desk job, he lost his mind.

"What are you doing?

You don't need an internship.

You need to do the work. That internship is your fear.

If your life was a TV show, and this was the Season 2 premiere, what does this summer look like?

Are you sitting at a desk? Or are you facing your fears and doing the work to make your dreams come true?"

Kendall explained to me that when she thought about her life and this moment as the premiere of Season 2, she knew being on the East Coast was not part of the programming.

Her Season 2 involves countless hours on her keyboard and guitar writing music, editing videos for TikTok (which is where a lot of musicians are now discovered), and launching herself through her fears so she can have the life she envisions.

That idea — Season 2 — and asking yourself “What does the premiere of Season 2 look like?” flipped a switch inside me.

For the past two years, I've gone back and forth on a decision: should Chris and I sell the home we've raised our kids in for the last 23 years? 

I've been thinking about selling this house for a few years but haven't felt ready.

I've been holding on to it. Holding onto the memories, scared to let go of this chapter and reach for the next. I’ve come up with every reason why the timing isn't right.

The truth is, I've just been scared. Scared of change, scared of the unknown, and scared of making a mistake. Just like my daughter and just like you.

There is something about picturing a premiere of Season 2 in life that makes it so clear to me that in Season 2, I am no longer living on a street in suburbia.

As Season 2 opens, I’m instead doing something exciting and new. Something I'm thrilled to share with you in next week's newsletter. Don't miss it, because it has to do with you and your Season 2.

And, Jan, in case no one else tells you today, I wanted to tell you that I love you and I believe in you and your ability to create an awesome life you truly love. 



PS: I have a question for you. What’s your Season 2 premiere look like? Stay tuned, because next week I’ve got something to share that’s going to help you launch it.

Here's my challenge to you.

Think of your life as a TV show. Season 1 ended with the cliffhanger of a life-altering breast cancer diagnosis for you. 

So what does YOUR Season 2 premier look like?

YOU are in charge of what it looks like.

YOU have the ability to make choices to change the trajectory of your life this summer.

What are YOU gonna do about it?


If you want to soak up more wisdom from the incredible Mel Robbins, go to her website and get on her newsletter list! It’s an amazing free resource to help your mindset.

Shared with love by Jan James, Hope After Breast Cancer

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