Do You Have Bladder, Bowel, Balance, or Sexual Issues?

 Note: I’m not a medical professional—I’m just Jan. What I’m sharing here I learned through our team of Contributing Experts!

BREAKING NEWS! All those issues might just be tied to your PELVIC FLOOR MUSCLES.

My what, Jan? YES, you have pelvic floor muscles, friend.

Visualize this. You have two hip bones, a pubic bone, and a tailbone. With only one thing in between: Your pelvic floor muscles.

They’re described as a “basket” or a "bowl" that holds all your organs in place. To me, they look like a big sling.

Who knew? Not me.

When those muscles are too tight, you might have issues with constipation or sex.

When those muscles are too loose, you might have sexual issues, urine leakage, balance problems, or prolapse of your organs.

After surgery in that area that caused scar tissue, you might have issues.

After delivering babies, you might have issues.

But the good news? THERE IS HOPE!

If you’re interested in learning more about pelvic floor therapy, we have new two podcasts that will give you a great education about the topic and about what to expect if you decide to go for therapy. Just go to your favorite podcast platform, find the Hope After Breast Cancer Podcast, and listen to these episodes.

  • Ep 41 - Pelvic Floor Therapy Success Story with Ann
  • Ep 46 - Sex After Breast Cancer LIVE! Q&A #7-Why Your Pelvic Floor Matters with Pelvic Floor Therapist Lori LeBarnes

We have thousands of women in our Sex After Breast Cancer private support group. More and more success stories are coming in from women who have had a dramatic turnaround in their pelvic health after just a few appointments with “pelvic floor therapist.”

A pelvic floor therapist is trained to diagnose your pelvic health then strengthen the muscles in your pelvic floor and the ligaments and tissues surrounding it. To find a qualified therapist, we suggest researching your options in the following directories.

And definitely join our Sex After Breast Cancer community for women who experience physical and emotional pain in their intimate lives after undergoing treatment for breast cancer. Learn how to reclaim intimacy in your life through our Contributing Experts' guidance. There ARE answers!

Shared with love by Jan James, Hope After Breast Cancer

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