Why We Need to Strive to Thrive

I want to challenge you today.
I just learned of the passing of our sweet pink sister, Jacki. I "know" thousands of pink sisters online. But Jacki lived in my area, and I've spent time with her over the years. She was just a doll. She was a wife, a mom, a friend and so much more. She had deep faith in Jesus.
I was mortified to read this post on her wall earlier this year:
"I have been hesitant to share anything on Facebook about this. However on March 29th I was admitted to the hospital with a diagnosis of Transverse Myelitis. It comes on suddenly but it is inflammation or infection on the spinal cord. Where it hits can cause paralysis and a nerve disconnect. I was paralyzed from the chest down. I was in the hospital 7 weeks and was discharged last Saturday. Unfortunately my husband is now my full time nurse. We are hoping that in time and with therapy the condition reverses. My view is from a wheelchair or hospital bed. 2020 has not been kind."
I reached out to Jacki but didn't get a response. I know from the comments on her post that the doctors don't have an idea why the myelitis came on. How horrible! So when I heard the news of her passing this past Sunday, I actually thanked God for His mercy. I know she was suffering greatly, and I can't imagine how it was for her family to watch her decline.
Every one of us is a breast cancer "survivor" ... but I don't believe "surviving" breast cancer is enough. Ladies, we need to work hard to THRIVE. We are meant to have a life full of abundance and joy and significant and love! Only God numbers our days, and our cancer diagnosis should have been a wakeup call for each of us. When this day is over, we'll have one less day left on this earth. NONE of us is getting outta here alive. Cancer MAY eventually take us, but as we can see through Jacki's life, something else may take us. You could be in an unexpected car crash tomorrow. I could have a heart attack tomorrow. We MUST make EVERY day COUNT. I know Jacki would agree!
Your challenge: Don't settle for just "surviving" .... push to THRIVE! ❤️🙏💜
Written with love by Jan James, Hope After Breast Cancer

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